The Seven Day Mental Diet!

Seven whole days of positive thoughts?  That breaks down to 168 positive hours; 10080 minutes; 604800 seconds.

Regardless how you chunk it down, it’s going to be a challenging opportunity for growth and transformation.

I previously blogged I’m participating in a 21-day “Complaint Free World” personal transformation.

I wear a band that I keep on one arm until I complain, gossip, gripe, or express sarcasm. Then I switch arms and start the count over until I reach 21 consecutive days.

The loophole is not to say what you are thinking.

Having the thought is acceptable…just don’t express it.

Took me more than 90-days to make the first full 21-days. I’ve switch from left to right wrist, and right to left wrist a few of times. Twenty-five days has been the most number of days without switching.

Now comes the Seven Day Mental Diet. Here is the gargantuan difference between being complaint free and the mental diet: “For seven days I must not allow myself to dwell for a single moment on any kind of negative thought.

Not having a negative thought for a Single Moment is a major growth spurt.

Good thing I got some positive music to help substitute some thoughts.

I plan to use the seven triggers to help me successfully navigate through the Seven Day Mental Diet. My first trigger is musically.

There is an abundance of positive music to help substitute the thought I want to replace. I would like to share three with you. The links are:

I hope they help you keep your head up during this mental transformation opportunity.




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