I love simplicity. The fewer the words, the better I seem to understand.

I first embraced simplicity when I was watching a medical drama called “House.” I can’t tell you what the episode was about, but I do remember someone mentioning Occam’s Razor.

This was a new phrase to me and I went on a mission to discover what Occam’s Razor was about. I read Wikipedia, an article at How Stuff Works, A Britannica write up, and several other wordy pieces that had me questioning what these people were talking about.

Then I discovered the hidden nugget. I read the words “the simplest answer is usually correct.”

This may or may not be the best summary for Occam’s Razor, but I could embrace the concept after reading those words.

Unbeknownst to me, I’ve been following the concept for years.

As I review the previous 12 weeks with the Master Key System, I asked myself one question — “What’s it all about?”

I will borrow six words from James Allen, Napoleon Hill and Earl Nightingale to sum up my view of the previous 12 weeks: “We become what we think about!”

Simple and straight to the point answer that I can use to focus on.

How would you summarize the lessons from the last 12 weeks? Sit still. Focus. Give it some thought and share.


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