I recently finished a book named “When God Winks.”

The book is about things that happen at one point in our life, and later on leads to something unexpected. For example, you have a friend who tells you a story about someone they know who became successful in network marketing. You never meet the person, you just hear a story. Year later you join a network marketing company a start thinking about finding a mentor. Out of the blue, you “accidently” meet the person your friend told you about some years ago. The “accidental”  meeting happens 1000 miles away while you are traveling.

Some call them coincidences, the author of the  book calls them “God Winks.” In other words, there are no accidents.

For approximately 8 weeks, I have been receiving emails, seeing stories, reading stories, and hearing stories about kindness.

Emails from the Napoleon Hill Foundation has an article about kindness. An article in Success magazine has an article about kindness. One of Earl Nightingale ‘s CD sets has a CD about kindness. I pick up a book about Mindfulness and there is kindness again.

Week after week kindness calls out to me.

Then kindness become the MKMMA focus for the week.

I don’t know why the consistent kindness reminders flashed in my life. Then the flash turned into a potent neon sign.

I really don’t want to know why I’m being bathed in the warmth of kindness.

I know with a certainty that there is a reason that will reveal itself sometime when I don’t expect it. I will have my Aha moment.

Until then, I will embrace the beauty radiating from the acts of kindness I witness, virtually experience, or personally do.

For those who read this blog article, let me say, that’s very kind of you.



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