My Master Key Experience got a little eerie Sunday.

First let me tell you about a ritual I have, and then link why the Sunday MKMMA class got eerie — in a good way.

I say a prayer for those who have returned to their creator every time I drive past a cemetery, or a road side memorial. I also think about someone I personally know and say a second prayer.

Occasionally, I state I want the old me to die. Not a physically death, but to mentally transform into the person I want to be. I quickly make sure my conscious is clear  I’m talking about the person within.

Recently I started to wonder if I needed to seek professional help. I knew I was thinking about the transformation from a powerful, positive place.

Mark J started talking about death to the old self sometime during the Hero’s Journey discussion. I looked at the Hero’s Journey diagram and I saw the word Transformation. My focus got more intense.

A voice within started telling me this is what I’ve been thinking about for years.

I’ve watched Finding Joe. Did not get it. I’ve heard Mark talk about the Hero’s Journey in the Go90Grow course. Witnessed it with a mind filled with fog.

On January 20th, 2017 I told myself I need to stop thinking about this death thing. Then synchronicity “came a callin’.”

There was the slide with the heading “So Why Don’t People Answer the Call?” with four question. Then there was the “Can I let him Die” slide. Trailing closely behind was the slide “Refusing the Call The Death Stage. Then there was “Denial Letting Old Self Die is Hard.”

This is what I’ve been thinking about. Was this synchronicity? Was it some weirdness surfacing that I needed to flush from my brain? No. I was getting the message it’s time to take the Hero’s Journey. That presentation was a rapidly flashing neon sign broadcasting the words “You are on the right track.”

I clearly understood the four questions, especially, What’s worth dying for?  To me the question is asking what am I willing to give up. Am I willing to leave the ordinary world and start my life fulfilling quest; Am I ready to be a hero?

I have been having my Call to Adventure for a few years. I know I have a task that only I can complete.

A Hero’s Journey is unnatural. I get that.

There is that spooky unknown. Discomfort. Unpredictable risk. Rejection. Scorn. People laughing at me. Self-doubt. And of course Fear.

For me, accepting the call means growth and contribution (I shared my call during Week 16).

I’ve been concerned about having thoughts about wanting my old self to die. Now, I realize these thoughts don’t mean anything. The thoughts were the restless hero within working to break free, and signaling me it’s time to grab my rucksack, don my leather jacket and fedora and start my strange and mysterious adventure.

This will be interesting.





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