I recently read an article about understanding. In this case, understanding means comprehension.

In my previous life, I seldom admitted when I didn’t understand something. I would act like I understood, and then research the matter privately.

Now, if I don’t grasp something, I ask questions. Especially if it’s something that really interest me. For those things that don’t start a fire within, I let my subconscious go to work and report back to me when I need to know.

I’ll admit I use to be troubled when I “didn’t get it.” For example, Part Eighteen in The Master Key System. I’m lost. I really don’t get it. There are pieces that make sense, but only pieces.

I now find comfort and understanding about my lack of understanding of certain things. The comfort came from an daily email I get regarding A Course in Miracles. Here is a snippet:

“But while you may be able to accept it intellectually, it is unlikely that it will mean anything to you as yet. However, understanding is not necessary at this point. In fact, the recognition that you do not understand is a prerequisite for undoing your false ideas. These exercises are concerned with practice, not with understanding. You do not need to practice what you already understand. It would indeed be circular to aim at understanding, and assume that you have it already.” 

It’s true that I can accept the material intellectually.  It is also true Part Eighteen does not mean anything to me, yet. I whole-heartedly accept that “understanding is not necessary at this point.” That’s comforting.

Here is the key — It’s about the practice.

Step one: read. Step two: practice.  Step three: keep reading. Step Four: keep practicing. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

It’s a fantastic feeling to know that I don’t have to know or understand. Understanding will come in time. It will not come by magic, but with practicing.

How long do I have to practice? I got my understanding to that question a long time ago. The answer is found in the “Law of Maturation.”

I was once lost, now I’m found. Practice. Practice. Practice (and be patient).


2 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 18 I Use to be Lost, Now I’m Found?

  1. This is so honest and deep; i have done the same; make an intelligent face and pretend understanding and then check it out afterwards, such as we would do in Gradschool or at a professional development class. Now may I add that we may need to practice what we understand, as long as it is the Truth, so that the theoretical insight may become of benefit to us and all we touch. Likewise, there is a lot to ponder about in regards to the statement you are quoting, such as “IN FACT, THE RECOGNITION THAT YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND IS A PREREQUISITE FOR UNDOING YOUR FALSE IDEAS.” Basically we entrust ourselves into the hands of a teacher and “Trust the process.” Thank you for this transparent and challenging blog!!!!


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