I continually read an article from Chris Cade titled “In Order to Get Anything Done…Gag Your Inner Critic (http://www.chriscade.com/rishi/?section=getting-things-changed&page=mini-course&subpage=gag-your-inner-critic)

This article strongly resonated with me. It has become a favorite mental food. I read this article two to four times a week. I hope some part of this article inspires you, like it inspires me.

This article is being reprinted with permission from Chris Cade (http://www.chriscade.com). The entire article is below:

In Order to Get Anything Done…Gag Your Inner Critic

Remember this scene from the movie “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back”?

Han Solo (Harrison Ford) is about to fly into an asteroid field to evade capture by Darth Vader and company.

“The possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field,” warns the fretting android, C3P0, “is approximately 3,720 to 1.”

“Never tell me the odds,” replies Han Solo.

After surviving the asteroid field Han Solo points his little spaceship in the direction of Darth Vader’s really, really big spaceship.

“The odds of successfully surviving an attack on an Imperial Star Destroyer are approximately…” ventures C3P0 until Princess Lea tells him to shut up.

Finally, CP30 pleads: “I really don’t see how that is going to help! Surrender is a perfectly acceptable alternative in extreme circumstances!” At which point Lea shuts the robot off.

We are all born with a C3P0 of an Inner Critic babbling away in our head — constantly telling us how the odds are against us and we should just give up.

In order to get anything done you need to bind and gag your Inner Critic. Once it’s out of the way you can start the journey – whether it’s one of self-discovery, of changing old habits, a new career or learning a new language.

But as long as you have a neurotic voice in your head telling you why you can’t do something then you won’t make as much progress as you are truly capable of.

That’s why we have to silence the self-sabotaging Inner Critic first, and then focus on changing our lives.

When the Inner Critic is out of your life (or at least silenced) you are able to fully engage with whatever program, book or teacher you are studying.

I bet you have a stack of personal development programs sitting on the bookshelf…

So when are you going to do them?

After you have liberated your mind from that voice in your head that is stopping you from using whatever personal development strategies you know will help you.

Right now your Inner Critic is telling you that you can never learn __________ or that you can never practice ________ every day.

Your Inner Critic doesn’t really care what “blank” is – it tries to tell you that you can’t do it.

“Photo-reading? Mind power? Italian? Martial arts? You can’t learn that!” says your Inner Critic. “Who are you kidding? Or even if you did make some progress it wouldn’t produce any real results. You could have spent that time enjoying yourself — watching TV and hanging out with your friends on Facebook.”

Sure, your subconscious may not come out and say things this clearly. Usually your Inner Critic is FAR more stealthy than that. But some subconscious or conscious variation of this is true for everyone who isn’t able to move forward in life.

As we’ve already talked about… your Inner Critic doesn’t want you to change your life. It only wants to keep you “comfortable.”

If you have enough food in the fridge for the next three days, your Inner Critic is happy. If you paid the rent or mortgage this month, things are good.

Like a baby it’s mainly concerned about eating, sleeping, pooping, peeing… Or much like our caveman ancestors who did not know how to stop food from rotting or to farm – the kill of the day was all that mattered.

But we are neither children nor caveman. We want so much more from life. And the distractions that 80% of the population embraces – celebrities, sports, beer – just aren’t fulfilling enough for people like you and me who want, and deserve, to live up to our greatest potential.

You want to move forward. You want to discover what your purpose is here on earth and what you are capable of.

But your Inner Critic won’t let you.

Your Inner Critic has to go.

Your Partner In Gagging Your Inner Critic,
Chris Cade
Liberate Your Life

You can get additional information about Chris Cade at http://www.chriscade.com


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